Indigo Kids Czech-English nursery in Prague

motyl00_lo72dpiOur nursery is located in one of the most beautiful Prague areas surrounded by large and magical gardens. It is a place in Vyšehrad known from old legends. The preschool is opened all year long for all children.

Principles of Alternative Pedagogy with Emphasis on Individuality

  • We combine the best from alternative, classical and special pedagogical methods. We                                                                 do so mainly through playing games and personal experience which are the most natural and effective ways of learning.
  • We use custom made toys and tools.
  • We try to motivate your children but we do not try to change them.
  • Every child is unique therefore we believe in an individual approach.
  • We learn from the children as well as they learn from us.
  • We work with children in a way that they are well prepared for a successful start in Czech and International schools.

Natural bilingual environment

  • Our nursery is bilingual, that is why we follow the rules of the bilingual environment. This way, children will learn to use both languages equally.
  • This is an easy way for children to learn two languages while avoiding learning wrong accents or possible speech defects.

Experienced Professional Team

  • Our experienced professional team is looking forward to looking after your children.We are opened to your ideas, wishes and needs.
  • You will learn more about our team in the section Our Team.

Harmony with nature

  •  Our nursery is located in a beautiful area surrounded by lovely landscapes and historic landmarks. There are many playgrounds and gardens for the children to play in.
  • We eat healthy. Our food is BIO quality. We also cook with children every Friday morning. Children who leave after lunch will take what they cook home, others will eat it for afternoon snack.
  • We have our own garden with fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • A trained dog called Matěj and other animals sometimes visit us in our nursery.